DIY Magnetic Bar 58 pcs

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DIY Magnetic Bar 58 pcs!

Unleash Creativity and Learning with the 58-Piece DIY Magnetic Building Set!

Learning Through Play: More than just fun, this magnetic set fosters early STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) learning. As children connect the magnetic components, they gain a fundamental understanding of concepts like:

Acceleration and Deceleration: Experiment with different configurations to explore how changing a car’s structure affects its speed.
Multiple Tracks and Intersections: Design intricate landscapes with branching pathways, intersections, and even multi-level structures.
Up and Down Connections: Build vertical structures and explore the concept of gravity by constructing ramps and bridges.

Box Size: 34×50.5×4.5 cm

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Spark Your Child’s Imagination: This dynamic set features 58 magnetic pieces that allow children to build cars, tracks, bridges, and more! With endless possibilities, this versatile kit ignites creative thinking and problem-solving skills for hours of imaginative play.

Beyond Building: This set goes beyond construction, promoting valuable skills that benefit young learners:

Teamwork: Encourage social interaction and collaboration as children work together to design and build their creations.
Right Brain Development: Nurture creativity, spatial awareness, and imaginative thinking through engaging open-ended play.
Sensory Integration Training: Stimulate the senses through tactile play with the various shapes and textures of the magnetic pieces.

More than just a toy, this Magnetic Building Set is an investment in your child’s development. Key features include:

58 pieces: A diverse selection of magnetic components to fuel imagination
Safe and durable: High-quality materials ensure long-lasting play and peace of mind for parents
Easy to clean: The smooth surface makes cleaning up a breeze
Perfect for individual or group play: Promotes teamwork and collaboration

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