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  • Big Craft Punch 400.00
    Earn 4 Club Points.

    Big Craft Punch

    Price: 400 (01 Piece)

    Made in China

    High Quality Plastic Material

    Size: 5.5×4 cm

  • DOMS Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box 220.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.

    DOMS Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box,

    Box includes,

    – Compass
    – Divider
    – Set Square 45o
    – Set Square 60o
    – Scale 15cm
    – Pencil
    – Eraser
    – Pencil Sharpener

  • Faber Castell Centroid Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box (Geometry Box) 299.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.

    Faber Castell Centroid Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box (Geometry Box),

    Product details

    * Durable, zinc die-cast compass & divider

    * Ruler,set-square, protractor with bold, precise markings

    * Accurately calibered compass, divder – self centering compass

    * Rust-free tin

    * Contains: 1 compass, 1 divider, 1 set square 45°, 1 set square 60°, 1 scale (15cms), 1 protractor 180°, 1 half-length pencil, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 full length mechanical pencil, 1 lead tube, 1 stencil

  • Linc Glycer Ball Pen 50.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Put your best ideas on paper with Linc’s Glycer Ball Pen! This super smooth ball pen will make writing a breeze and let you focus on your creative flow. Get your 3-pack of Linc today and get your ideas flowing!

    Pack Size: 16×5.5 cm

  • Pentonic Ball Pen Set 250.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.

    Unlock endless possibilities with 10 beautiful pens!

    Discover the power of creativity with the Pentonic Ball Pen Set. Enjoy a smooth, consistent ink flow for all your writing and sketching needs. With 10 bold and vibrant colors, you can express yourself in ways you never thought possible!

    Experience your imagination come to life with Pentonic Ball Pens. Whether you’re writing a story, letter, poem or sketching your next masterpiece – make every moment count with these high-quality pens!

    Create a world of beautiful possibilities with Pentonic Ball Pens today!

    Pack Size: 25×16 cm

  • Tank Shaped Roller Pencil Sharpener 450.00
    Earn 5 Club Points.

    Tank Shaped Roller Pencil Sharpener,

    • Big tank shape Pencil Sharpener
    • High quality Plastic Material
    • It won’t cause any danger when use it to sharpen a pencil
    • Special design to add children’s interest of study.
    • Product Size: 9.5 x 9 cm
  • Airplane Shape Pencil Sharpener 10.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Airplane Shape Pencil Sharpener,

    Material: High-Quality Plastic

    Size: 6.5×6 cm

  • Bird Shape Sharpener 10.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Bird Shape Sharpener,

    Material: High-Quality Plastic

    Size: 6cm

  • Cello Gripper 10pcs Pack 190.00
    Earn 2 Club Points.

    The pen of the BiC brand is trendy among people of different professions, including students of our country. You can get Cello Gripper Ball Pen in chalk pencil. These pens are very good for your comfortable writing. Because these Gripper ballpens are made with Comfi-Tip. They also come with 0.5mm lead or ink.

  • Chalkpencil Fun Box 1,990.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    We present to you is Chalkpencil Fun Gift box which consists of various types of amazing and fun things for children, which has brought a new dimension to giving gift.

    This fun box includes,

    1. Drawing Book 32 pages
    2. Chalkpencil Coloring Book 40 pages
    3. Chalkpencil NoteBook 51 pages (Size 14×22 cm)
    4. Camel Watercolor 12 Shades – 05 ml
    5. Color Pallete
    6. Paint Brust (01 – 12)
    7. Deli 24 Plastic Emotion Oil Pastel
    8. DOMS 28 Long Pencil Color (Tin Box)
    9. Puzzle Ruler
    10. Design Ruler
    11. Glue Stick 8 gm
    12. Marko Fisher Eraser
    13. Deli Roller Pencil Sharpener
    14. HB pencil 02 pieces
    15. 2B Pencil – 02 pieces
    16. 4B Pencil 02 Piece
    17. Stapler Machine with Pin
    18. Crafting Scissor 3 inch
    19. Color Note Pad (Plastic Box)
    20. Chalkpencil Special Gift Box (Size 31×25.5×8 cm)
    21. Chalkpencil Discount Card
  • Chalkpencil Ring Binding Notebook 120.00
    Earn 2 Club Points.

    Chalkpencil Ring Binding Notebook,

    • 50 Pages
    • 80 GSM
    • Offset Papers
    • Size: 21.5×14.2 cm
  • Cute Cat Face Sharpener 10.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Cute Cat Face Sharpener,

    Material: High-Quality Plastic

    Size: 4.5cm

  • Deli Colored Glue Stick 25.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Brand: Deli

    One Piece 25tk

    Out of stock

  • Deli Graphite Black Pencil HB 5.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Deli Graphite Black Pencil HB

    Brand: Deli

    Model: 38029N

    Pencil Size: 19.1 cm

    Out of stock

  • DOMS Erasner 20.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    DOMS Erasner,

    Brand: DOMS

    Material: High-Quality Plastic

    Size: 5.5cm

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