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  • 3D Building Magnetic Sticks 36 Pcs 950.00
    Earn 10 Club Points.

    3D Building Magnetic Sticks 36 Pcs!

    Economy Version

    Perfect STEM Building Set for Young Engineers

    – Versatile Building: Create a myriad of shapes with 36 magnetic pieces through random splicing and DIY assembling.
    – Powerful Magnetism: Enjoy strong magnetic connections for sturdy constructions.
    – Enhance Coordination: Naturally improve hand-eye abilities while fostering creativity.
    – Enlightenment Through Play: Encourage learning and innovation during playtime.
    – Unleash the potential of the Magnetic Sheet and let your imagination run wild!

  • A001 Funskool Terracotta Bead Jewellery 2,250.00
    Earn 23 Club Points.

    Funskool Terracotta Bead Jewellery!

    Sparkle and Shine With Bead Jewellery!

    – Create your own colorful jewelry with terracotta!
    – Make beads in 2 sizes with the unique bead maker and mold pendants in 6 different shapes!
    – Use them to DIY colorful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more!

  • A009 Funskool Canvas Art 1,580.00
    Earn 16 Club Points.

    Funskool Canvas Art!

    Designs made easy!

    It’s time to let the world see the artist in you – with Canvas Painting!
    Make your unique ideas come alive in a brilliant spectrum of colors, as you fill the canvas with landscapes, images, squiggles, illustrations, self-portraits-anything that comes to your mind!
    4 design templates are included to get you started.

  • Cello Maxriter Ball Pen 10pcs 190.00
    Earn 2 Club Points.

    Cello Maxriter Ball Pen 10pcs!

    Write Comfortably for a Long Time!


    Pen Size: 15 cm

  • Play-Doh Modeling Compound 4pcs 290.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.

    Play-Doh Modeling Compound 4pcs!

    Play-Doh Mold Your Dreams!

    4 Different Colors!

    Box Size: 27x8x4 cm

  • Unicorn Goody Bag 1,890.00
    Earn 19 Club Points.

    Unicorn Goody Bag!

    Color Your World with Unicorn Goody Bag!

    17 Unique Items with Special Unicorn Bag!

    Box Size: 29×24.5×8 cm

  • Wonderful Drawing Fun Box for Perfect Gift 2,190.00
    Earn 22 Club Points.

    We present to you is fun box which consists of various types of amazing and fun things for children, which has brought a new dimension to giving gift.

    This fun box includes,

    1. Drawing Book 32 pages
    2. Chalkpencil Coloring Book 40 pages
    3. Notebook
    4. Camel Watercolor 12 Shades – 05 ml
    5. Color Palette
    6. Paint Brush (01 – 12)
    7. 24 Color Oil Pastel
    8. DOMS 24 Long Pencil Color (Tin Box)
    9. Puzzle Ruler
    10. Design Ruler
    11. Glue Stick
    12. Marko Fisher Eraser
    13. Roller Pencil Sharpener
    14. HB pencil 02 pieces
    15. 2B Pencil – 02 pieces
    16. 4B Pencil 02 Piece
    17. Stapler Machine with Pin
    18. Crafting Scissor 3 inch
    19. Color Note Pad (Plastic Box)
    20. Special Gift Box (Size 31×25.5×8 cm)
    21. Chalkpencil Discount Card

    The products provided are of a similar nature, comprising sets that may vary in brand, reflecting the diversity available in the current market.

  • Drawing Special Gift Box Set 1,190.00
    Earn 12 Club Points.

    “Drawing Special Gift Box Set” You Will Get:

    1. Notebook
    2. DOMS Small Pencil Color-12 Shades
    3. DOMS Watercolor Tube 12 Shades
    4. Ducky 12 Oil Pastel Color
    5. Crafting Scissor
    6. Design Ruler
    7. Puzzle Ruler
    8. Glitter Foam Sheet
    9. Penmax Highlighter
    10. Drawing Khata (40 pages)
    11. Sharpener
    12. Fruit Eraser
    13. Pencil set HB, 2B, 4B
    14. Drawing Book (32 pages)
    15. Discount Card
    16. Special Chalkpencil Gift Box

    Box Size: 31×25.5×8 cm

    The products provided are of a similar nature, comprising sets that may vary in brand, reflecting the diversity available in the current market.

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