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  • A001 Funskool Terracotta Bead Jewellery 2,250.00
    Earn 23 Club Points.

    Funskool Terracotta Bead Jewellery!

    Sparkle and Shine With Bead Jewellery!

    – Create your own colorful jewelry with terracotta!
    – Make beads in 2 sizes with the unique bead maker and mold pendants in 6 different shapes!
    – Use them to DIY colorful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more!

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    Funskool Dot Painting
    A002 Funskool Dot Painting 1,980.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Funskool Dot Painting!

    Dot painting art kit for kids.
    The kit includes washable colors, fun-shape sponges, and pre-printed art paper.
    Develops creativity in children.

    Out of stock

  • A003 Funskool Paper Fantastic 2,150.00
    Earn 22 Club Points.

    Funskool Paper Fantastic!

    Paper Crafts Popping with Fun!

    Make fun 3D paper creations with Paper Fantastic!
    Create amazing honeycomb paper effects with the unique Paper Fantastic unit! Contains 10+ make & decorate design templates to help you get started!
    Easy to follow illustrations!
    You can also make 3D garlands to decorate your space!

  • A004 Funskool Sand Art 1,980.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Funskool Sand Art!

    Colorful Sands, Brightful Smiles!

    Craft with sand!
    Easy and fun way to make your own sand pictures!
    Includes 6 fun design boards and 9 colours of sand!
    Peel the sticker sheet, sprikle coloured sand, tap it to set and voila, your sand art is done for display!
    All you need to create your own sand masterpieces!

  • A005 Funskool DIY Scrap Book 1,980.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Funskool DIY Scrap Book!

    Where Memories Come to Play!

    – Get the best of your creative side on paper.
    – Interesting stencils, stickers, ribbons, patterns make the kit attractive.
    – Create a beautiful scrapbook with imagination and creativity.
    – A wonderful way to collect memories.
    – 12 Chart paper, 2 Duplex boards, 4 Sticker sheets, 4 Design sheets, 9 Pattern sheets, 1 Glue bottle, 3 Ribbon, 4 Sketch pens, 1 Alphabet stencil, 1 Pattern stencil, 20 Sticker beads, Instruction sheet.

  • A007 Funskool DIY Fabric Stamping Kit 1,980.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Funskool DIY Fabric Stamping Kit!

    Make your own Stamps!

    Make your own stamps & use them to decorate 3 fabric items – Fabric bag, pouch and handkerchief!
    Includes 16+ fun stamp designs for DIY stamps and also 3 precut stamps ready for use!
    With these stamps create patterns, scenes or anything else you wish on the fabrics to decorate them!

  • Bead Studio 1,690.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    Bead Studio! Everything you need to create beautiful jewelry!

    Craft, Create, and Bead-tastic Fun!

    This Bead Package Includes,

    – Bead Studio Unit with Storage Drawer
    – Color Instruction Poster
    – 1 Sheet of Multi-Colored Paper
    – 2 Sheets of Fancy Foil
    – 180cm String of Elastic
    – 150 Ready0Made Plastic Beads,
    – 2 Pairs of Earring Clips,
    – Template
    – Decorative Labets
    – Glue Stick

    Pack Size: 27.4×31 cm

  • BRANDS 16 Pastel Jewellery Mini 1,250.00
    Earn 13 Club Points.

    BRANDS 16 Pastel Jewellery Mini!

    – Make Pastel necklaces, bracelets & earrings using different designs & colors of beads
    – Includes a colored & illustrated instruction manual
    – Ideal For: Girls
    – Age: 8+ Years

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    BRANDS 51 Sand Art Animals
    BRANDS 51 Sand Art Animals 1,250.00
    Earn 13 Club Points.

    BRANDS 51 Sand Art Animals!

    – Make fun animal shapes with play sand with this complete set.
    – Includes colorful animal molds & play sand.
    – Age: 3+ Years

    Out of stock

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    Butterfly DIY Beauty Set
    Butterfly DIY Beauty Set 990.00
    Earn 10 Club Points.

    Butterfly DIY Beauty Set!

    DIY Glamour for Little Stars!

    Watch your little one’s creativity bloom with our enchanting DIY Beauty Set. This all-in-one kit is designed to provide hours of imaginative fun while fostering fine motor skills and self-expression.


    – Endless beauty combinations with safe, non-toxic materials
    – Easy-to-follow instructions for little hands
    – Sparkling beads, colorful ribbons, and more!
    – Encourages creativity and self-confidence
    – Perfect for playdates, parties, or solo adventures
    – Hours of screen-free, hands-on entertainment

    Pack Size: 44.5×36.5 cm

    Out of stock

  • Dream Catcher (Assorted Color) 1,790.00
    Earn 18 Club Points.

    Dream Catcher (Assorted Color)!

    Easy to Stitch… Easy to make!


    – Plastic Knitting Circle
    – Felt Sheets
    – Felt Stickers
    – Yarns
    – Ribbons
    – Beads
    – Glue Dots
    – Metal Pin
    – Threads
    – Plastic Needle
    – Stuffing
    – Instruction

    Box Size: 28x22x4.5 cm

  • Funskool DIY Felt Craft 2,390.00
    Earn 24 Club Points.

    Funskool DIY Felt Craft!

    – Make your own soft toys!
    – With this Plushies kit, you can DIY 4 felt stuffed animals!
    – A unicorn, penguin, owl and kitten!
    – Use the templates provided to cut out shapes from felt fabric and assemble them following the illustrations to make your Plushies! Your own mini animal friends!

  • Funskool Fashion Design Studio 1,650.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    Funskool Fashion Design Studio!

    – Toys and Games.
    – Compact and portable this lets you create beautiful fashion designs at the turn of a wheel.
    – Beautiful fashion designs at the turn of a wheel.
    – Contains everything you need to create your unique fashionable look.
    – Fashion designing fun -creating your own looks from clothing to hairstyles.

  • Sold Out
    Funskool Fundough Fun Forms Value Pack
    Funskool Fundough Fun Forms Value Pack 650.00
    Earn 7 Club Points.

    Funskool Fundough Fun Forms Value Pack!

    – Open up your mind to creative fun with Fundoh fun forms – 2 tubs.
    – Create an aeroplane, a tea pot, a house and a guitar with the included clay moulds from Fundough.
    – The clay moulds come in different colours along with the respective design cutters.

    Out of stock

  • Funskool Handycrafts DIY Macrame Kit 1,980.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Funskool Handycrafts DIY Macrame Kit

    – Learn 4 types of Knots.
    – Create beautiful patterns with the knots learned.
    – The perfect addition to your home!

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