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  • 10 Count Puzzle Set 03 599.00
    Earn 6 Club Points.

    Fun and Learning with 10 Count Puzzle Set 03,

    The “10 Count Puzzle Set 03” is a fun and engaging puzzle set that features 10 individual puzzles, each with a unique design of either a dinosaur or a bus. These puzzles are perfect for children and adults alike who love to challenge their problem-solving skills while enjoying colorful and imaginative artwork. With 10 different puzzles to solve, this set offers hours of entertainment and is an excellent way to improve cognitive abilities, spatial reasoning, and hand-eye coordination. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or just looking for a fun activity for the whole family, the “10 Count Puzzle Set 03” is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment and educational value.

    Size: 29.5×15 cm

    Two Puzzle Boards (Dinosaur & Bus)

  • 10 Counting Puzzle Set 01 599.00
    Earn 6 Club Points.

    Introducing 10 Count Puzzle Set 01! This set contains two puzzles featuring a dolphin and a rocket, with 10 pieces each. Made with high-quality wood, your little ones will have fun and learn to count at the same time. Get your set today and have a blast!

    Size: 29.5×15 cm

    Two Puzzle Board (Rocket & Dolphin)

  • 10 Counting Puzzle Set 02 599.00
    Earn 6 Club Points.

    Fun and Learning with 10 Count Puzzle Set 01

    Get your little one engaged in playtime and learning with 10 Count Puzzle Set 01. With two models of airplanes and a rabbit, your child can have fun putting together the 10 pieces of this wooden puzzle. It helps them learn to count and encourages their hand-eye coordination!

    Size: 29.5×15 cm

    Two Puzzle Boards (Airplane & Rabbit)

  • Colorful Solar System Premium Puzzle Package 1,690.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    Solar System Premium Puzzle Package for Kids!

    – This space Solar System Premium Puzzle Package set includes 500 pieces extra thick and durable cardboard pieces, depicted beautiful outer space.
    – The space puzzles are safe and no special smell. Each piece of children puzzles are carefully cut, with smooth edges.
    – Kids will love the colorful artwork of the outer space puzzle depicting planets, stars, astronauts, spaceships, and more.
    – Solar system space puzzle toys for kids is made of durable 2mm chipboard enclosed in a sturdy box you can easily bring when you travel.

    Item Size: 50.8×36 cm

    Puzzle: 500 Pieces

  • CP043 Farm Spells Happy Board 820.00
    Earn 9 Club Points.

    Bring your child’s imagination to life with Farm Spells Happy Board!

    Introduce your toddler to the world of art and creativity with Farm Spells Happy Board! Perfect for ages 36 months and up, this black and white dual board allows kids to draw Ladybug, Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Frog, Tree etc. and solve fun puzzles. It’s sure to spark their imagination and bring out their hidden talents!

    Help your little one discovers their talents from an early age with Farm Spells Happy Board. With its fun colors and puzzles, the board will arouse their creativity and help them explore exciting new possibilities!

    Bring out your child’s inner talent today with Farm Spells Happy Board! Get it now and watch them explore the world of farm with endless possibilities.

    Pack Size: 23.5×30 cm

  • CP084 DIY Creative Puzzle Blocks 690.00
    Earn 7 Club Points.

    DIY Creative Puzzle Blocks!

    Piece by Piece Make It Complete!

    Creative way to Learn Alphabet!


    Size: 30×22 cm

  • CP087 Premium 3D Shape Puzzles Set 1,250.00
    Earn 13 Club Points.

    Premium 3D Shape Puzzles Set!

    Challenge Your Mind with Intricate 3D Puzzles!

    Premium 3D Shape Puzzles Set is the perfect way to inspire your child’s creativity, problem-solving, and spatial awareness skills. This comprehensive set includes 12 different 3D puzzles, each designed with intricate shapes and bright colors to keep your child engaged and entertained for hours.

    Size: 15×15 cm

  • Disney Princess Puzzle Set 699.00
    Earn 7 Club Points.

    Disney Princess Puzzle Set

    Let your little ones explore the magical world of Disney Princesses with our Disney Princess Puzzle Set. Featuring beloved characters like Frozen, Sofia and Snow White, your kids will have hours of fun piecing together 60-piece puzzles that unlock the secret stories of these iconic princesses!

    Puzzle Board: 3 (Frozen, Sofia, Snow White)

    Size: 30*22.5 cm

  • EKSPLOE 13008 Know The World Puzzle 650.00
    Earn 7 Club Points.

    EKSPLOE 13008 Know The World Puzzle!

    – Self-correcting pieces help the child in learning without making mistakes.
    – Rounded corners in the puzzle are for the safety of the child.
    – Bright and fun colors are used to attract the child’s attention and add fun to the learning process.
    – Teaches the child to recognize world monuments their countries also their flags.

  • -20%Limited
    Frank 12909 Frozen II 4-in-1 Puzzles
    Frank 12909 Frozen II 4-in-1 Puzzles 1,599.00
    Earn 16 Club Points.

    Frank 12909 Frozen II 4-in-1 Puzzles!

    – Helps in increasing the children’s concentration and focus, and developing their problem-solving skills, visual skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.
    – The completed puzzles measure 23.5 x 17 cm.
    – A set of 4 cardboard jigsaw puzzles based on the new Disney animated movie Frozen 2, which is the sequel to Frozen, the popular animated movie.
    – All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions.

  • -15%Limited
    Funskool Jiggle Game Captain America Civil War
    Funskool Jiggle Game: Captain America Civil War 1,690.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    Funskool Jiggle Game: Captain America Civil War!

    Team Cap or Team Iron, Jiggling is the Ultimate Fun!

    Jiggle the fast paced tile matching game.

    This Set contains,
    – 2 Puzzle Trays
    – 20 Red Puzzle Tiles
    – 20 Blue Puzzle Tiles
    – Musical Clockwork Revolving Centerpiece (Timer)
    – 9 double sided picture puzzle cards.
    – Instructions

    Brand: Funskool
    Age Range: 5years+
    Theme: Superhero Movie
    Color: Multicolor
    Character: Captain America, Iron Man

    Size: 27×21.5 cm

  • Funskool P&L Numbers Puzzles 990.00
    Earn 10 Club Points.

    Funskool P&L Numbers Puzzles!

    – The Numbers Puzzle is a great way to find out.
    – Colourful pieces of numbers and images have to be put together to complete the puzzle.
    – Watch the little nimble fingers get to work as two kites, eight bananas and 14 clocks come together in record time.

  • Sold Out
    Geometrical Smart Brain Puzzle
    Geometrical Smart Brain Puzzle 730.00
    Earn 8 Club Points.

    Get your kids thinking with Geometrical Brain Puzzle!

    Unlock the potential of your child’s brain with Geometrical Brain Puzzle! This fun and educational game helps to develop their spatial intelligence and improves their attention. Let their minds explore the world of colors, shapes, and sizes with Geometrical Brain Puzzle!

    Pack Size: 29.5×29.5 cm

    Out of stock

  • Kids Animal Puzzle Set 310.00
    Earn 4 Club Points.

    Treat your little one to hours of fun with the Kids Animal Puzzle Set! This set includes four adorable animal puzzles of a tiger, cat, elephant and mouse. With this set, your child can explore the animal kingdom in a whole new way – through playtime and stimulating puzzle-solving. Get the Kids Animal Puzzle Set today and watch as your child’s creativity grows!

    Kids Animal Puzzle Set,

    Puzzle Board: 4 (Tiger, Cat, Elephant, Mice)

    Size: 14.9×14.9 cm

  • Kids Aqua Puzzle Set 310.00
    Earn 4 Club Points.

    Give your kids an exciting learning experience with our Kids Aqua Puzzle Set! Our mini water animal puzzles are fun and educational for kids of all ages. Put together the pieces to create a tortoise, crab, sea lion and duck – perfect for learning about aquatic life or just having a blast. Get your Kids Aqua Puzzle Set today!

    Kids Animal Puzzle Set,

    Puzzle Board: 4 (Tortoise, Duck, Sea Lion, Crab)

    Size: 14.9×14.9 cm

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