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  • Animal Phone 390.00
    Earn 4 Club Points.

    Animal Phone!

    Call for Smiles!

    – Imitation Camera
    – Wonderful Music
    – Battery Operated
    – Functional Keys
    – Flip Cover

    Pack Size: 21x13x5.5 cm

  • Anxiety Relief Squeeze Fun Toy Set 650.00
    Earn 7 Club Points.

    Anxiety Relief Squeeze Fun Toy Set

    Help your kids relieve stress and have fun with this Anxiety Relief Squeeze Fun Toy Set! This set includes four adorable animal squeeze toys: a bunny, a frog, a squirrel, and a bird. Made of soft rubber, these toys are perfect for squeezing, stretching, and squishing. They’re a great way to improve focus and concentration, and they’re also recommended for kids with anxiety, stress, ADHD, or ADD.


    Four adorable animal squeeze toys
    Soft rubber material
    Relieves stress and anxiety
    Improves focus and concentration
    Recommended for kids with anxiety, stress, ADHD, or ADD

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    Baby Music Walker
    Baby Music Walker 2,090.00
    Earn 21 Club Points.

    Baby Music Walker!

    A Symphony of Fun for Tiny Feet!

    Age: 12 months+

    – Magic Writing Pad
    – Fun Piano
    – Baby Fun Buttons

    Helps to Develop,
    – Finger Training
    – Visual Training
    – Limb Training
    – Auditory Training
    – Mental Training

    Pack Size: 35.5×32.8 cm

    Out of stock

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    Baby Piano Gym Mat
    Baby Piano Gym Mat 2,690.00
    Earn 27 Club Points.

    Baby Piano Gym Mat!

    This enchanting musical play mat isn’t just a floor gym, it’s a vibrant haven for playful learning and sensory exploration for your precious little one.

    A sensory symphony:

    Musical Magic: Cheerful nursery rhymes, playful sounds, and flashing lights dance along with your baby’s kicks and taps on the piano keyboard.
    Dazzling Delights: Bright lights and music reward every touch, stimulating sight and hearing in a captivating way.
    Touch & Discover: Five busy activity toys and a large mirror offer endless opportunities for little fingers to explore and learn.

    Box Size: 47x36x9 cm

    Out of stock

  • Baby Piano Musical Toy 890.00
    Earn 9 Club Points.

    Baby Piano Musical Toy!

    Melodies for Little Champs!

    Engaging Baby Music: A playful piano keyboard toy that introduces your baby to the world of music from an early age.

    Adorable Koala Design: Features a soft, glowing light in the cute Koala head, captivating your little one’s imagination.

    Early Learning Fun: An educational musical toy that fosters early development and cognitive skills in a safe and enjoyable way.

    Safety First: Crafted from high-quality, child-friendly materials for worry-free playtime.

    Perfect Gift: A wonderful gift choice guaranteed to grab your baby’s attention and bring endless joy.

    Pack Size: 24.5x18x6 cm

  • Baby Playful Set 1,690.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    Baby Playful Set!

    – Montessori Soft Baby Blocks
    – Baby Rattles 22002


    – Montessori Soft Baby Blocks: This set of 12 soft blocks is perfect for toddlers and babies of all ages. Made of high-quality silicone, the blocks are non-toxic, BPA-free, and easy to clean. They are also soft and durable, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting hurt.
    – Baby Rattles 22002: Soft and Safe Rattle Set for Babies with 7 pieces rattle toys!

  • Baby Rattles 22002 390.00
    Earn 4 Club Points.

    Baby Rattles 2002

    Soft and Safe Rattle Set for Babies

    7 pieces rattle toys!

    Pack Size: 30×19 cm

  • Baby Rattles Model. 512 790.00
    Earn 8 Club Points.

    Baby Rattles Model. 512!

    Baby’s Rattle Fun!

    6 types of cute rattles for Baby!

    Box Size: 38×25.5 cm

  • Baby Rattles Model. 514 890.00
    Earn 9 Club Points.

    Baby Rattles Model. 514!

    5 Cute rattles for your Baby!

    Box Size: 21×9.5×14.5 cm

  • Baby Rattles Model. 515 1,190.00
    Earn 12 Club Points.

    Baby Rattles Model. 514!

    8 Cute rattles for your Baby!

    Box Size: 24×11.5×17 cm

  • Baby Teethers – Bedside Bell Set 1,390.00
    Earn 14 Club Points.

    Baby Teethers – Bedside Bell Set!

    Night-Time Comfort Daytime Play!

    100 Wonderful Music

    Enlighten the baby’s intelligence, the rich color, which helps enhance the baby’s cognition to the color.

    – Boiling Water Disinfection
    – Microwave Oven Low Heat Disinfection
    – One Meter Drop
    – Can Teethers

    Box Size: 38*30*10 cm

  • Baby Tumbler Jenga 1,490.00
    Earn 15 Club Points.

    Baby Tumbler Jenga!

    – This stacking ring is made of high-quality and safe materials, which is safe, non-toxic, solid and resistant to falling.
    -It not only has the function of stacking, but also a face-changing toy with the function of tumbler. It is equipped with 5 circles and geometric squares of different colors and sizes, and there are various patterns such as animals, numbers, letters, etc.
    – There is a switch on the column, which are three gears: switch, music mode, and sound effect mode. It has three popular children’s songs and three different sound effects. Turn on the corresponding switch and it will start playing music.
    – Children can stack round toys at will to exercise the baby’s hands-on ability and creativity.
    – All kids love to knock down construction toys and then re-stack them and are very interested in stacking.

    Box Size: 23.5x16x17 cm

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    Baby Walker
    Baby Walker 2,690.00
    Earn 27 Club Points.

    Baby Walker!

    For Little Explorers on the Move!

    Baby Walker with Lighting and Music Options.

    Age” 6 months+

    Box Size: 45x40x12 cm

    Out of stock

  • CP022 Baby Puzzle Rattle Set 1,790.00
    Earn 18 Club Points.

    Baby Puzzle Rattle Set

    Happy gift for the child!

    Water boiling safety.

    Pack Size: 40×55.5 cm.

    * The color depicted in the image may differ from the actual product.

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    Huanger Kids Musical Mobile
    CP038 Huanger Kids Musical Mobile 1,790.00
    Earn 18 Club Points.

    Huanger Kids Musical Mobile,

    Help your baby to develop,

    – Fine Motor Training
    – Touch Sense
    – Visual Training
    – Auditory Training

    Pack Size: 26×36.5 cm

    Out of stock

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