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  • 1000+ Pieces Building Block with Container 1,990.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Large Pile of Blocks Endless Creativity!

    A large pile of blocks offers Endless Creativity!

    Unleash your child’s inner architect as they construct towering skyscrapers, intricate castles, imaginative vehicles, and so much more. Our toy blocks are made from safe and durable materials, ensuring long-lasting play and countless adventures.

    Key Features:

    – 1000+ pieces of vibrant and versatile toy blocks.
    – Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.
    – Safe and durable materials for worry-free play.
    – Endless possibilities for building, designing, and storytelling.
    – Suitable for kids of all ages, from toddlers to tweens.

    Box Size: 11x7x6.5 inches

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    Aqua Pixels
    Aqua Pixels 1,250.00
    Earn 13 Club Points.

    Aqua Pixels!

    Dive into Imagination with Aqua Pixels!

    Contents : Over 800 water fuse beads in 10 colours, Transparent plastic pegboard, 4 double sided design templates, Beads pen, Water spray bottle, Badge pins, Magnets and detailed instructions.

    – Improves children’s COGNITIVE ABILITY. Make fun while playing.
    – Easy and Clear instructions are provided inside.
    – This is the perfect ENTERTAINMENT PACK for your little ones. It’s a LEARNING game for children.
    – 100% original product from the renowned house of EKTA. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

    Pen Size: 28x23x7 cm

    Out of stock

  • Building Blocks & Drawing Table 2,190.00
    Earn 22 Club Points.

    Building Blocks & Drawing Table!

    2in1 Multifunctional Drawing Board!

    This versatile table offers an innovative blend of art, building, and education, making it an exceptional addition to your child’s playtime. With dynamic projections, a wealth of building blocks, and educational letters and numbers, it’s an all-in-one learning adventure. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to nurture your child’s skills and imagination.

    Included: 1 X Eraser, 52 X Number and Letter Blocks, 60 X Building Blocks, 1 X Draw Board

    Product Details:

    Innovative Learning: Elevate playtime with our 2-in-1 Projection Painting DIY Building Blocks Learning Table, perfect for kids aged 3 and up.

    Projection Art: Ignite creativity with dynamic projections that bring drawings to life, fostering artistic expression and imagination.

    Block Play: Develop cognitive skills with 60 colorful building blocks, encouraging problem-solving and fine motor abilities.

    Alphabet & Numbers: Make learning fun with 52 letter and number blocks, promoting early literacy and numeracy.

    Color Palette: Explore a world of colors with the built-in palette, enhancing color recognition and coordination.

    Versatile Fun: Seamlessly switch between activities, from drawing to building and more, adapting to your child’s interests.

    Portability: Transform it into a handheld device for on-the-go entertainment and learning, making it perfect for travel or visits.

    Safe & Durable: Crafted from high-quality ABS materials, ensuring safety and longevity for worry-free play.

    Box Size: 26.5×35.5×7.5 cm

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    Building Blocks Puzzle City Police Team
    Building Blocks Puzzle City Police Team 1,090.00
    Earn 11 Club Points.

    Building Blocks Puzzle City Police Team,

    65 pieces

    High Quality ABS materials

    Pack Size: 26×22 cm

    Out of stock

  • CP001 MINECRAFT 915 Pcs 3,790.00
    Earn 38 Club Points.

    MINECRAFT 915 Pcs will come with 4 LED Lamp Holder

    Size: 38×57 cm

  • CP002 MINECRAFT 866 Pcs 3,790.00
    Earn 38 Club Points.

    MINECRAFT 866 Pcs will come with 4 LED Lamp Holder

    Size: 38×57 cm

  • CP003 MIMOCRAFT Red City 330 Pcs 2,290.00
    Earn 23 Club Points.

    MIMOCRAFT Red City 330 Pcs,

    Upgraded city of light and lava cave

    Comes with Lamp Holder & Lights

    Size: 32×46.5 cm

  • CP005 MINECRAFT 381 Pcs 2,290.00
    Earn 23 Club Points.

    MINECRAFT 381 Pcs 2in1
    Changes in 10 creativity.

    Pack Size: 28×48 cm

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    Marble Run with Music
    CP011 Marble Run with Music 750.00
    Earn 8 Club Points.

    Marble Run with Music

    Helps to improve,

    – Intelligence
    – Vision
    – Emotional Expression
    – Hand Eye Coordination

    Pack Size: 18x21x8 cm

    Out of stock

  • CP018 Kids DIY Motorcycle 3,950.00
    Earn 40 Club Points.

    Kids DIY Motorcycle

    1100+ pcs
    Age 6+ years

    Bike Size: 22.1×36.5 cm

  • CP021 DIY Building Block 1,690.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    DIY Building Block,

    Discovering new knowledge through joyful engagement for a thriving development!

    – Learn
    – Puzzle
    – Table Games

    Pack Size: 38x26x14 cm

  • CP024 DIY My World Set 2,990.00
    Earn 30 Club Points.

    DIY My World Set

    562 pcs

    Model No: 1010

    Pack Size: 44.5×31 cm

  • CP028 City Building Police SWAT 1,790.00
    Earn 18 Club Points.

    City Building Police SWAT

    Brand: Wise Hawk
    Age: 5+ Years
    Total Pieces: 276

    Pack Size: 30×49.5 cm

  • CP029 Marble Building Blocks 600 Pcs 1,390.00
    Earn 14 Club Points.

    Marble Building Blocks 600 Pcs

    2-Drawer storage rack

    Pack Size: 22×24.5×14.5 cm

  • CP053 DIY Fashion Hair Beader 1,090.00
    Earn 11 Club Points.

    DIY Fashion Hair Beader,

    – Fashion jewelry set
    – An exquisite combination of cosmetics
    – Appropriate for ages 3 and up
    – It gives your child an atmosphere of fun
    – Non-Toxic & Environment Friendly

    Pack Size: 41x29x6 cm

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