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  • Wooden Multiplication Table 990.00
    Earn 10 Club Points.

    Wooden Multiplication Table – Learning Toy for Kids

    This toy is perfect for helping kids develop their math skills, including:

    Multiplication: Kids will learn their multiplication tables up to 10×10.
    Number recognition: Kids will learn to identify and count numbers from 1 to 100.
    Color recognition: The colorful blocks help kids learn to identify different colors.
    Fine motor skills: Kids will develop their fine motor skills as they pick up and move the blocks.
    Problem-solving skills: Kids will learn to solve simple math problems as they work their way through the multiplication table.

    Board Size: 19.3 x 19.3 cm

  • Sold Out
    Fire Rescue DIY Truck
    CP054 Fire Rescue DIY Truck 730.00
    Earn 8 Club Points.

    Fire Rescue DIY Truck

    Playtime just got more exciting with Fire Rescue DIY Truck!

    Contains 4 unique model Fire-Truck.

    Pack Size: 29×31 cm

    Out of stock

  • Kids Exclusive Magnet Set 150.00
    Earn 2 Club Points.

    Kids Exclusive Magnet Set!

    Spark curiosity and creativity with the Kids Exclusive Magnet Set! This collection of 9 diverse magnet kits, packed in a compact 15.5×11.1cm box, offers endless hours of educational and engaging fun for kids of all ages.

  • CP075 Kids Fun Refrigerator 490.00
    Earn 5 Club Points.

    Kids Fun Refrigerator!

    Open the Door to Imagination with Kids Fun Cool Fridge!

    For 3+ Years

    Size: 19×12 cm

  • Sold Out
    Doms Colour Pencils 24 Shades
    Doms Colour Pencils 24 Shades 260.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.

    Doms Colour Pencils 24 Shades

    Brand: DOMS
    Shades: 24
    Materials: 24 colour pencils and sharpener
    Pencil Size: 172 mm each
    Pack Size: 25×21 cm

    Out of stock

  • Unique Pipeline Rolling Ball Building Blocks 125 PCS Set 1,090.00
    Earn 11 Club Points.

    Pipeline Rolling Ball Building Blocks 125 PCS Set!

    Pipeline Rolling: Building Adventures!

    – Put together your own challenging world
    – Various Splicing Blocks
    – Open Children’s Building Block World


    Colorful Pipeline and Creative Construction

    Box Size: 37x26x6.5 cm

  • Genius Police Building Blocks Box 2,290.00
    Earn 23 Club Points.

    Police Building Blocks Box!

    Dream. Build. Protect!

    Total 537 pcs


    Box Size: 35x46x7.5 cm

  • Funskool Lightning Strike Batman 1,980.00
    Earn 20 Club Points.

    Funskool Lightning Strike Batman!

    – Classic Action Figures.
    – Boys Collectibles.
    – Articulation Toys.
    – Collectible Toy.

  • MAGPAD Letter Learning Board 1,390.00
    Earn 14 Club Points.

    MAGPAD Letter Learning Board!

    Enhance Early Learning with the MAGPAD Letter Learning Board: A Fun and Interactive Alphabet Adventure!

    Introducing the MAGPAD Letter Learning Board, the perfect tool to ignite your child’s love for learning the alphabet! This innovative magnetic learning board offers an engaging and interactive way for children ages 3 and above to explore letter recognition, writing formation, and early literacy skills.

    Box Size: 26.5×31.5 cm

  • Letter Pencil Carrier 450.00
    Earn 5 Club Points.

    Letter Pencil Carrier!

    Make ABC Fun and Easy!

    For 3+years

    Pack Size: 18.5×22 cm

  • Gear Light Bus 950.00
    Earn 10 Club Points.

    Get Ready to Play with Gear Light Bus

    Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with the Gear Light Bus! With mechanical gear simulation, 3D lights, different types of music and 360-degree rotation, this multifunctional toy will provide hours of fun. Get ready to explore the world with Gear Light Bus – the perfect toy for ages 3 and up!

    Brand: YJ Toys

    Pack Size: 23.2×10 cm

    This fun Gear Light Bus has,

    – 360 Rotation Degree
    – Lights & Music
    – Bump and Go Function
    – Durability
    – Unique Design

  • H11 Mechanix Carnival 2,690.00
    Earn 27 Club Points.

    Mechanix Carnival!

    Turn your ideas into reality with Mechanix Carnival!

    – The carnival is in town and this time your child designs it
    – A unique DIY construction set
    – You can make 9 different models one at a time
    – A step by step manual to enable your child to learn the basics of fitting and guide him through the process
    – DIY building blocks crafted from high quality steel and finished perfectly for the ideal feel and finish
    – Teaches and Improves: Fine motor skills, logical thinking and creative thinking
    – Specially designed screwdriver, with a blunt tip, prevents slippage and makes the mechanix set absolutely safe
    – All Mechanix sets start with an easy to construct model, gradually the models become more challenging as the skill of the builder grows
    – An easy-to-understand step by step manual is provided to guide the builder initially till the child is confident to handle the construction on their own

    Size: 24.5 x 36.6 cm

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