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  • Dinos Transparent Gear 1,099.00
    Earn 11 Club Points.

    Dinos transparent gear toy with lights, sounds, and bump-and-go action, the Toyshine Electric Train Toy will make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions for both boys and girls alike.


    Materials: This electric dinosaur toy is made from high-quality components, including a transparent shell, a universal wheel, colored mechanical gears, a smooth edge, and a sturdy construction.
    Color Rotation Gear Design: This mechanical gear dinosaur toy has a gorgeous transparent body that reveals a wonderful variety of colorful gears (all gears spin as the robot move about), giving kids a chance to study the interesting gear connection while they play.
    Lights & Music: This super fun toy comes with flashing lights and music, the cool dinosaur moves to grab the attention of children. Your child’s hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning, and other skills will all benefit from the toy’s swinging arms and tail.
    Box Size: 17*11*14
    Battery: Need three AA Batteries (Battery won’t be included in the packet)

  • Intelligence Book 1,170.00
    Earn 12 Club Points.
  • The Balance Labyrinth Ball – Maze Puzzle Toy 210.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.
    • Brand: Wanbosi
    • Product Type: Maze Puzzle
    • Material: Plastic
    • Dimension: 10.5 x 10.5cm
    • Color: Assorted
    • Puzzle enlightenment
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Parent-child interaction
    • High-quality plastic, beautiful and durable
    • A unique gift idea for students and kids
    • A steady hand and the power of concentration will see you prevail

    Package Includes:
    1 x Balance Labyrinth Ball Maze Puzzle

    Game Rules:
    The winner is the one to get the 3 balls into the center in the shortest time!

    Out of stock

  • Kids Speed Soccer 790.00
    Earn 8 Club Points.

    High-Quality Plastic Material

    Board- 26 X 18 cm, Packet- 26.5 X 28 cm

  • DIY Mix Crafts Package 540.00
    Earn 6 Club Points.

    Crafting helps your kids to think in advance by increasing their confidence.

    Benefits of crafting-

    > Improves their coordination and fine motor skills.
    > Helps them express themselves.
    > Helps to boost their Self-Esteem.
    > Make them more creative and productive.
    > Inspires them to think critically.

  • Kids Dream Painting Set | DOMS Smart Kit 990.00
    Earn 10 Club Points.

    This smart drawing package going to increase your child’s interest in drawing even more. The more pictures he draws, the more his intelligence and observation will increase.

  • House Shape Pencil Sharpener 299.00
    Earn 3 Club Points.

    Size: 8x8cm

    High-Quality Plastic Material

    Made in China

  • Doraemon Sharpener 10.00
    Earn 1 Club Points.

    Doraemon Sharpener for Kids,

    Material: High-Quality Plastic

    Size: 5cm

    Out of stock

  • Disney Princesses 60pcs Puzzle Set 699.00
    Earn 7 Club Points.

    This set is a combination of:

    • 3 Disney Princesses special puzzle boards.
    • Well colored & smooth wooden textured
    • Dimensions 29.5 cm (W)*22.5 cm (H)
  • DIY Bullet Puzzle Blocks 499.00
    Earn 5 Club Points.

    DIY Bullet Puzzle Blocks is,

    • Environmental Friendly Material
    • Colorful Assembling Puzzles
    • Random Combination

    Dimension: 27cmX28.5cm


    Out of stock

  • Goofi Hand Puppet – Red Bunny 750.00
    Earn 8 Club Points.

    “Goofi Puppet- Red Bunny

    বয়স- ১-১০

    Goofi Puppet is a ‘Hand Puppet’ made for role play and imaginary games. Children and adults can play and interact with them to teach various things to each other – like telling a story or acting in different roles. The puppets are handmade and available in a limited edition with the best materials for children.
    Goofi Puppets are wonderful products for pre-school children both at home and at schools for parents and teachers to use, interact, and play with each other.”

  • Singapore Math 1A 450.00
    Earn 5 Club Points.

    “Singapore Math is the most advanced math curriculum in the world. Students who complete the Singapore Math book are 2-3 years ahead of other students. They perform better in real-life math and finance.

    Singapore Math uses the CPA method to teach math concepts to build a very strong foundation in math.

    Singapore Math 1A is an 80-page activity-based book with Numbers (0 – 20), Number bond, Addition, Subtraction, Ordinal Numbers, Shape, Length, Weight concepts.

    Singapore Math 1A is appropriate for KG – 1, 2, and Grade – 1 student.”

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