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    Bath Bombs
    Bath Bombs 1,190.00
    Earn 12 Club Points.

    Bath Bombs for Kids!

    Bath Bomb Chemistry: Where Fun Meets Science!

    Create fizzy scented bath bombs!

    – Sodium bicarbonate (Hydrogen Sodium Carbonate) (125 g.)
    – Citric acid (60 g.), cornstarch (40 g.)
    – Glycerine (Glycerol Solution) (15 ml.)
    – Plastic round Bath Bomb Mould
    – 4 different shaped bath bomb plastic moulds tray
    – Spoon
    – Wooden sticks
    – Plastic Sticks
    – Pipette
    – 2 bottles of liquid food colour dye
    – Strawberry fragrance & detailed instructions

    Its time to transform your bath with fizzy bubbles, fun colors and fantastic fragrance, with this kit , you will learn the science behind creating the perfect fizz and make colorful bath bombs in different shapes, Mix colors and Scents to Invent something a truly unique experience.

    – This is the perfect entertainment pack for your little ones. It’s a learning game for children
    – Improves children’s cognitive ability. Make fun while playing
    – Easy and clear instructions are provided inside

    Pen Size: 29x23x7 cm

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    Wise Hawk Spacewarp
    CP015 Wise Hawk Spacewarp 3,990.00
    Earn 40 Club Points.

    The Wise Hawk Spacewarp is a DIY educational toy designed for children aged 14 and up. It comes with assembly instructions and is a level 02 toy, perfect for intermediate builders. The kit includes a battery case, motor, and plug to power up your creation. With the Spacewarp, kids can explore their creativity and learn about engineering principles as they build their own customizable, twisting and turning space track. It’s a great way to spark their interest in science and technology while having fun.

    Level: 02
    For ages 14+ with assembly instructions
    Comes with: Battery case, Motor & Plug
    Pack Size: 37×50 cm

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  • H02 Zephyr Mechanix Robotix 1 2,690.00
    Earn 27 Club Points.

    Let Imagination Run Wild!

    Introducing MECHANIX Robotix-1! This fun set will bring out your kids’ engineering dreams. With a high-speed motor and different gears and rubber bands, they can build 8 amazing functional models – all while learning real engineering principles. Let their imaginations take flight with MECHANIX Robotix-1!

    MECHANIX Robotix-1,

    – 8 Models, 114 Pieces Motor and Gears. Includes a Screwdriver and Spanner
    – Age 8+
    – Flexible metal motor and gears
    – Robotix-1 consists of motors and gears that mesh together in different ways giving a fascinating insight to the child in the subject of motion
    – This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 8 different models, one at a time. After completing these 8 models, the builder can use the nuts bolts, and other versatile parts to create many more models and projects.
    – While building the moon crawler, the child understands how gears can be used to change speeds and create different motions
    – Box Size: 21×34 cm

  • Montessori Space Jigsaw Puzzle 1,390.00
    Earn 14 Club Points.

    Montessori Space Jigsaw Puzzle!

    Puzzling Adventures Beyond the Stars!

    – Made of solid wood
    – Children can learn knowledge and experience the location of each planet
    – The planets, including Earth, Mars, Jupiter, can be positioned on top of the puzzle
    – This jigsaw puzzle helps to develop skills such as, thinking ability, imagination, patience and stability logical thinking training.

    Size: 39×22 cm

  • Solar System Premium Puzzle Package 1,690.00
    Earn 17 Club Points.

    Solar System Premium Puzzle Package for Kids!

    – This space puzzle set includes 500 pieces extra thick and durable cardboard pieces, depicted beautiful outer space.
    – The space puzzles are safe and no special smell. Each piece of children puzzles are carefully cut, with smooth edges.
    – Kids will love the colorful artwork of the outer space puzzle depicting planets, stars, astronauts, spaceships, and more.
    – Solar system space puzzle toys for kids is made of durable 2mm chipboard enclosed in a sturdy box you can easily bring when you travel.

    Item Size: 50.8×36 cm

    Puzzle: 500 Pieces

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