Creative Wooden Calculation Shelf Toy for Kids

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Chalkpencil has come up with the Calculation Shelf Toy, which is an excellent learning tool to get your little child started with math skills. From an early age, he or she would be an observer and remarkably proficient in mathematics.

Advantages of using Calculation Shelf Toy

– Fine motor skills
– Encourages hand-eye coordination
– Provides recognition of math skills, patterns and colors
– Provides the ability to better understand numbers and calculations

The Calculation Shelf Toy comes with 55 colored beads and 2 interchangeable double-sided wooden boards. An excellent teaching tool to start math skills. The wooden board has a combination of addition, subtraction and different colors. This educational toy provides an opportunity for a better understanding of numbers and counting.

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Introduce your child to the world of mathematics with the Calculation Shelf Toy from Chalkpencil. This educational tool is designed to kickstart your child’s math skills from an early age, fostering their observational and mathematical proficiency. The Calculation Shelf Toy offers numerous advantages, including the recognition of math skills, patterns, and colours while also enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With 55 coloured beads and two interchangeable double-sided wooden boards featuring addition, subtraction, and various colours, this toy provides an engaging and effective way to help your child better understand numbers and calculations. Start their mathematical journey today with this fantastic teaching tool.

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